AnoHana (Episode 5): Tunnel

Bukkake scene with Jinta and Yukiatsu femboy!

Femboy Yukiatsu has been discovered to be wearing Menma apparels last episode which was creepier than watching the Saw series. But it was suddenly revealed that Yukiatsu harbor guilt and blames himself for Menma’s death. Three down, two to go! Is it me, or is everyone blaming themselves for the death of Menma. First it was Jinta, he reasoned that if he hadn’t run away that day, she wouldn’t have had the accident. Anaru by the way, blames herself and saying that she would have been alive if she didn’t brought the topic about Jinta liking Menma. This time, according to Yukiatsu, Menma wouldn’t die if he didn’t confess his feelings for her while Menma was chasing Jinta.

Yukiatsu confessing to Menma

Well I hope next week, Poppo won’t blame himself for Menma’s death just because he is small back then.

Anaru's bouncing boobs. You have to watch the episode to fully appreciate it. ;P



This week also hinted something towards Tsuruko when she wore the worn-looking hairclip. It probably was the exact hairclip that Yukiatsu tried to give Menma but instead was thrown away by him. I think it shows two things, either she has feelings for femboy or she’s also imitating Menma, which she repeatedly accuse Anaru of.

This episode also shown Yukiatsu bouncing back after the incidents that happened the day before. I think it was a big sigh of relief for him. He isn’t that snobbish anymore, she even helped Anaru from a guy who wants to sleep with her (the nerve!), although he tried to pick her up, but to no avail. At least we know that he’s not a homosexual, he could be a heterosexual or a bisexual. I think he only said that to try to squeeze out Anaru’s true feelings toward Jinta whom he deeply despise. This episode was a big improvement for Yukiatsu, it’s like travelling in a train all your life in a long, dark tunnel, then suddenly reaching the end and into the light.

An unknown uncool guy forcing Anaru to sleep with her in a hotel

Where the hell are you looking at Poppo?