Nestea TVC – “Insider”

The summer installment of the Nestea TVC series has been finally released. With the usual cast of characters, Nicos, Mattina and family, we got a sneak peak at Mattina’s family and let us know that she has a younger sister named Bettina, played by the rising child star, Jillian Ward. According to Nicos’ insider, Bettina, her sister currently has 3 possible suitors, the English-speaking, the Japanese-Brazilian and the person she met in Boracay. I’m sure you’re not surprised by the number of suitors of Mattina, but what I’m really surprised is Nicos’ self-confidence. I wonder where he’s getting it from? huh?

Looking carefully at the TV commercial, we see a glimpse of their house outside. I’m 80% sure it was the same house all through-out, it just seems that the atmosphere inside and outside are a bit different. The color of the outside shots are relatively brighter and much more vibrant than the shots from the inside of the house which seems a bit gloomier but without (or less) the gloomy feeling.

Quality-wise, the TVC raised the bars higher than the previous ones, but due to the trend that sequels won’t be better than the first, I believe it still doesn’t surpass the quirkiness and the brilliance of the first one. I believe that the series is just riding the popularity set by the debut commercial and would never be better.