The True Story of Manny Pacquiao

After Manny Pacquiao's previous fight and before his upcoming fight with Mayweather, he amuses me with what other things he can do aside from boxing. It's been a known fact that Pacman is one of the most sought after product endorser. So, don't be surprised if you will see two or three TVCs in one commercial break while watching a local television channel. As of present, the most noteworthy TVC he's ever made is the Datu Puti Commercial that features the "True Story" of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. It was really amusing and I found it very entertaining compared to the latest Nestea TVC that is slowly losing its touch. Personally, I think that the selling point of this commercial is the inclusion of Coach Freddie Roach, which is given a prominent role in the plot.

Whether or not this TVC will dethrone the commercial fad and fame of Nestea will depend on the iced tea ad company to produce a much better summer-themed advertisement.