Machete TV Adaptation: I’m Sure Machete Will Marry the Villain in the End!

Once again, GMA 7 presents to us another of their movie-to-TV adaptation, this time it's Machete. The current TV adaptation will star Starstruck's Aljur Abrenica as Machete, previously played by Cesar Montano and Gardo Versoza from the films. I'm not sure if they can pull it off, they seem to have a history of pathetic plots and much more pathetic twists. GMA usually have great and grandoise concepts, but most of the time, the execution of these concepts suck. For example, Grazilda presents a wonderful concept, a story told based on the point of view of Grazilda, the step-sister of Cinderella, on how she experienced hardships that Cinderella experienced before. But as the story goes, Grazilda turned into the pathetic and usual twist, the heroine is the chosen one to be the savior of all those in Fantasia.

And based on the previous patterns showed by GMA's "creative" writers, I'm sure that as the story goes, Machete will marry the woman that is not his leading lady. Although based on the initial plot, there is no female villain, let's just call this woman that Machete will marry as "villain." This character will join the love triangle of Machete and the leading lady, and will be the jealous and possessive type. The marriage will be provoked by blackmail from the villain, by killing the leading lady in exchange for marriage. Like in Abrenica's previous teledramas, Ilumina and The Last Prince, he married the villain in the story. In Ilumina, he married the villain due to the events that started from him being brainwashed to setting the leading lady free. In the Last Prince, he also married the villain because he was also blackmailed by the villain in exchange for the life of the leading lady and his kingdom. Oh, and don't forget about Grazilda. In the climax of the season, the leading man nearly married a fake Grazilda because she changed her appearance to resemble the heroine. Sounds like the Last Prince, right? And also, in both of the stories, Aljur was always weeping like a girl, showing how pathetic the hero character is. How could you marry a person you don't want to marry, and weep later leading to a polygamous relationship? Well, we were expecting a hero that's ready to face death together with his loved one rather than choose the cowardly option of saving the girl and hurting her more in the end.

These plots could work if we live in the 80's and 90's where heroines are martyrs and are usually swapped from birth, coincindentally with the villain character. But these plots during this time period are mostly over-used. Also it also portrays a bad example for the young audiences. It just shows the viewers how easy it is to marry someone and to break it off swiftly. Also most teledramas' plots portrays too many illegitimate children in the stories that shows that it's okay to impregnate someone who's not your legal wife. I'm not a GMA hater nor an ABS-CBN lover, but these "creative" stories on local media is driving me crazy. Forget about the trying-hard-special-effects and overpriced actors, what the country needs now is a great story with an artistic way of story-telling, making the viewers engaged to the plot and not with the abs.