Check the Weather Worldwide via Google Maps

It’s official, Google has now added Google Maps the functionality to see the weather worldwide. By fetching data from, Google Maps overlay a layer of the current weather condition with cloud coverage and temperature reading. It also shows if the area you are looking at is day or night just by looking at the icon of each place, whether a sun or a moon. By clicking an icon, additional weather information is shown like humidity, wind speed and direction and weather forecast for the next four days.

The weather data is shown for the weather stations across the globe. If your city has no weather data associated with it no matter how you zoom it in, it is likely that your city has no weather station and just opt to check your weather thru the nearest location. Google didn’t specify how long the data is updated, but it is likely updated every hour. It sure is handy to see live weather thru Google Maps, but we should still rely on local weather bureaus for storm warning, just to be safe.