Lotto 6/55 Still No Winner! And What Your Real Chances Are?

Reputable sources from Twitter state that there are no winners for todays draw. The jackpot prize for tonight was ₱452,527,096.40 with a number combination of 43-13-29-44-04-20. The trend of the rate of increase seemed to drop from ₱40M to about roughly ₱28M. This may be attributed to the recent victory of the Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao against The Tijuana Tornado, Antonio Margarito. The Filipinos are pre-occupied by their celebration for their champion that their interest in the Grand Lotto were temporarily set aside. But rest assured that because of the recent result of the lottery, everybody will be back again and buying tickets for the next draw.

And now, you might be wondering why there still is no winner? Is it really that hard? Well, the answer is yes, you have quite a small, tiny, little chance of winning the jackpot. But even if you do, we’re still not sure if you’ll be the only one winning. So, you might be asking, “What are my chances in winning the jackpot?” Well, to know your chances, we need to use math to compute a simple probability. Yes, you heard me, Math! I can explain it to you in detail, but I found that WebMath can explain it to you in layman’s term. I’ve copied the computation, explanation and analogy from the site.  To compute odds for other lottery games, visit their site at As for the explanation:

You want to calculate your odds at winning the lottery given:

  • You must choose a sequence of 6 numbers correctly to win.
  • The lowest number you can choose is 1
  • The highest number you can choose is 55
  • A given number can only be chosen once per try (per lottery ticket, etc.)
  1. When you select your 1st number, you have 55 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 55 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 55 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/55 or 0.018182.)
  2. When you select your 2nd number, you have 54 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 54 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 54 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/54 or 0.018519.)
  3. When you select your 3rd number, you have 53 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 53 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 53 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/53 or 0.018868.)
  4. When you select your 4th number, you have 52 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 52 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 52 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/52 or 0.019231.)
  5. When you select your 5th number, you have 51 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 51 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 51 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/51 or 0.019608.)
  6. When you select your 6th number, you have 50 numbers to choose from, and……
    • a 1 in 50 chance of picking the right one.
    • (Mathematically, 1 in 50 is represented by the numerical fraction 1/50 or 0.020000.)

In order to win, you have to pick the first number right AND the second number right AND the third number right, etc. In the language of statistics, AND usually means to multiply.

So, to figure out your odds of winning, multiply together all of the fractional odds of picking a given number correctly, as stated by the red fractions above.

1/55 × 1/54 × 1/53 × 1/52 × 1/51 × 1/50 = 1/20872566000

So, at this point, your odds of winning are 1 in 20872566000. But, since you can choose your winning numbers in any order, your chances of winning are somewhat better than this. Your chance betters by the number of different ways that a sequence of 6 numbers can be written down, which for 6 numbers is 6! (6 factorial) or 720. Divide 20872566000 by 720 to account for this, to get 28989675.

In other words, there are 720 different ways that the 6 numbers you choose can be filled out on your lottery ticket–if you choose your 6 numbers correctly, any of these ways will make a winning ticket.

That’s it! You have a 1 in 28,989,675
chance of winning the lottery you described.
(How do I pronounce this number?)

Here are some other odds for the sake of comparison:

  • You have about a 1 in 2,000,000 chance of being struck by lightning.
  • A pregnant woman has a 1 in 705,000 chance of giving birth to quadruplets.
  • Someone eating an oyster has a 1 in 12,000 chance of finding a pearl inside of it.

Now, lottery odds can be pretty incomprehensible. How can we possibly have any “feeling” for the number 28,989,675? To help you with this, here’s a little experiment you can try to “get a handle on” what a 1 in 28,989,675 chance really means.

  1. Get a piece of rope or string, that’s 55 feet long.
  2. In a wide open area, arrange the rope or string in a circle, end to end, the best you can.
  3. Get a single grain of sand or dirt (use tweezers!) and place it anywhere you wish inside the circle.
  4. Get a second grain of sand. Close your eyes, and “disorient” yourself as to where the grain of sand is that you placed inside of the circle (have someone spin you around or something!).
  5. While you’re inside the circle, drop the second grain of sand from 1 foot up.
  6. Your chances of hitting the first grain of sand with the second is roughly equal to the odds of “1 in 28,989,675.”
  7. If the rope’s length mentioned in #1 is a little unreasonable, for every foot above the circle that you drop the second grain of sand, you can reduce the length of the string by the same amount. For example, if you dropped the second grain of sand from a ladder 10 feet up, you’d need a length of string that is 10 times shorter than the one in #1, or a 55/10 = 5.54671 foot long piece of string.

Good luck! And sorry to say that the only way to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets! Choosing birthdays, your age, addresses, years, phone numbers, etc. does not help at all!

I hope that it cleared some of your queries regarding the chance of winning in PCSO’s Grand Lotto 6/55. Well, are you still up to the fight next draw on Wednesday?

Grand Lotto Jackpot Raised by ₱40M!

Last Wednesday, I wrote that the jackpot prize of PCSO’s Grand Lotto 6/55 was ₱383,405,234.40 and as I thought, the rate of increase of the jackpot prize will exceed the previous one, but I never thought it will be around ₱40M. When the host announced that the pot money for this draw is ₱423,894,967.20, I heard our neighbors shouting and screaming their hearts out. That was only announcing the prize, now I wonder how they would react if they win the jackpot? Well, if we were to analyze, the exact difference between the jackpot prize of today and last Wednesday is ₱40,489,732.80, which is almost 4x the prize of the Lotto 6/42 at ₱11M. Excluding miscellaneous deductions from the total sales of the lotto tickets, with a ticket prize of ₱20, there would be at least 2,024,486 tickets sold which shows how Filipinos are going gaga for this rare phenomenon of winning easy money, and not just money but lots and lots and lots of money. Everyone’s taking the chance to win the biggest prize money ever since lotto started in the Philippines.

Earlier today, we also took our chance and bought lottery tickets for tonight’s draw on a local mall. We’ve been doing this every draw since the prize went up to ₱30M. And every time we do, I can notice that the line to the cashier is getting longer. A sign that more and more people are getting interested in the pot money as the days passes by.  It’s a good thing that we bring our own pen since we can mark our numbers while waiting in line.

After the draw this evening, I just shrugged my shoulders and laughing at how I only got two numbers again this draw. I can now see the big difference of what 4 wrong numbers could make. Well, since I never won anything today, I just hope that nobody would also win. And yes, I know, the jackpot is just raising the prize for me, LOL.

Update: There is no winner for tonight, see you all again lotto fans next Monday. Source: (!/vekou/statuses/3451358313185280)

PCSO’s Grand Lotto Jackpot of ₱383M, Still No Winner!

Yesterday’s (November 10) most awaited lottery game, the Grand Lotto 6/55 still yielded no winner. The winning number combination was 04-34-29-35-30-10. The jackpot prize at stake is ₱383,405,234.40, around 30M larger than the prize 2 days ago (₱354,596,432.40). It’s not surprising that the pot increases fast in so little time since everyone is now wanting to win the pot. If it increased so much in only 2 days, I wonder what the jackpot will be on Saturday night?