Classic Hotdog Commercial

It’s retro time! Here’s a classic commercial from the early ’90s. It’sĀ reminiscentĀ of the good old days where online blogs don’t exist and you don’t post your current status for everyone to see. It was the time where diaries are private and usually are the key in solving the conflict on old Filipino teledramas.

Here’s Tender Juicy’s classic commercial featuring Chantal Umali on a TVC that could virtually take you back in time and reminisce about the days where Bleach can only refer to a chemical whitener, and ninjas don’t wear bright orange jackets.

Goodbye by Juana [Opensked cover]

I like the song Goodbye by Juana because of its mellow and melodic lyrics that will surely be on anyone’s Last Song Syndrome (LSS) the moment they listen to it. The soft music fits the message of the song and gives of a melancholic atmosphere. This cover of Opensked, although only a practice session, gives the song a harder edge without losing the softness of the music. This was taken about one and a half years ago while practicing for a gig in Lucena City.