AnoHana (Episode 7): The Real Wish

Rocket Blueprint

I’m also not sure if the title really stands up to its name, but in my opinion, it doesn’t. The episode opened where the previous left off. Anaru left their house and is now staying at the home base. Then we are treated with fanservice so early in the episode! As I’ve mentioned before, I really like tsundere characters, especially when they reveal their soft side. It’s got a nice feeling like having your first crush in school but you don’t want anyone to know, and you try desperately to hide it.

A cliched situation, a tripping and falling down.
Soft skin?
Smooth legs
The beef bowl retreats!

They started reading Menma’s diary, but found out that it’s surprisingly plain and most are just one-sentence entries. But beneath these under-detailed diary entries, they found one that made them remember what they planned to do. They wanted to fly a huge rocket with a letter on it and send it to heaven so that Jinta’s mom could read its content. It’s amazing how they thought it could fly back then when it has tissue roll included in the materials. Then they speculated that Menma’s true wish is to send a letter to heaven through a rocket. For the record, it was an entry that was more than one sentence and it seems that Menma really wants to do it.

Menma's diary, unveiled!


In order to purchase the expensive fireworks, which Jinta’s father’s colleague will assist them, the three of them decided to take part-time jobs. Since the three of them doesn’t go to school, they can work for the whole day. Jinta and Anaru works at the video game store. And unknowingly to everyone, Jinta also got a part-time for a construction job at night with Poppo. Jinta pretends going to school but was going to his job secretly. When Menma figured out what they were up to, she was touched and try to help and support him secretly.

But Yukiatsu and Tsuruko remembered something back in those days that Menma called them up to meet that fateful day and must never tell Jinta about it. It seems that the plot is advancing slowly but surely. Bit by bit, we can see the whole picture on what happened back then.

Later, Jinta’s father’s colleague backed out of the fireworks deal with them since the head of the festival which he works as a pyrotechnic engineer scolded him for trying to teach high school students to use fireworks. It was then revealed that the head was from Menma’s family, the Honmas.

As I’ve said on the first sentence of this post, I’m not sure if the fireworks thing really is Menma’s wish. Yes, it is a bit deep, but still, I don’t find it very substantial for a dead person to linger in this world. The key is why Menma called everyone up except Jinta to meet that day. It surely is an agenda that Jinta must not know of, or it could be a surprise for him. Everyone is still obsessed with her death, but more on Yukiatsu. I bet he can’t get over the fact that he was rejected. I want to see in the next episode Anaru’s body, ehrm, I mean the role of Menma’s mother regarding the fireworks thing. I wonder if she was the one to stop their plans. I’m really hoping that it’s not a psychological thriller ending like School Days has.