AnoHana (Episode 3): Menma’s Search Party


Jinta's Mother
Jinta's deceased mother.

Okay, let’s make this a short one. Poppo claims that he saw Menma’s ghost, invites everybody for a barbecue grill party, everyone came. End of story. Bye.

Just kidding. Although the plot for this week’s episode can be summarized in one sentence, it showed a great deal of background story as a foundation for the series. So far, the established facts of the series are:

  1. Menma is dead and only Jinta can see her. Although Poppo and Yukiatsu claims that they’ve seen her, I think it wasn’t Menma at all. 
  2. Anaru has a huge, major, super crush on me, err.., Jinta. She just don’t want to admit it. 
  3. All of them are not yet over with Menma’s death.
  4. All of them have changed.
  5. All of them haven’t changed.
  6. Jinta is turned on with Menma. Sly dog. 
  7. Yukiatsu has a Menma-fetish. Creepy.
  8. Anaru has a great body. Oh yeah. 

This is just the third episode, and we’re presented with a plethora of questions that are left unanswered but can be answered readily if you’ve watched too much anime. But the only thing that puzzles me is what Menma’s wish really is. And to end this, I leave you with a quote from the great Poppo himself (as translated by GG subs):

We’re just like this charcoal. It was originally made by burning wood. Even if it doesn’t light up right away, once it remembers its past, it roars ablaze. -Poppo