Site Redesigned Because Google Hates

A lot has happened and now we present you with a brand new site design with a brand new domain name which we’ll refer to as site address. If you have visited before on, it’s time to update your bookmarks to As you can see, with the design, bigger fonts for dummies like me. Well as some say, the bigger, the better. Well in my case, the site design is now bigger, but not necessarily better. As of this writing, we’re still not finished with the design, but I think it’s a good start for a new site address.

For a little background on why we had to change address, well, the reason is that Google completely blocked off addresses from its search results two months ago. If you try to search any sub-domain under, you won’t find anything. If you don’t believe me, then try these search queries:

The reason for this is that Google aims to bring quality results from its infamous search engine, which means penalizing or even removing completely an entire domain from its results when proven abusive. For the record, is very lenient about its abuse/spam policy, which gives us the reason why many sites use it for spam and phishing. Even though denies that they have a lot of abusive sites, many people and institutions doesn’t think so. The bad side is that even legitimate websites that use services are affected of this action, including me.

Personally, I think Google’s action is reasonable. Even though some legit sites have been affected, I think it is a good way to remove a significant percentage of phishing websites from Google’s index, though I think it is a lazy approach. Webmasters should be given the chance to appeal to re-index their sites back to Google if proven to be a site following Google’s quality guidelines. Earlier, Facebook also blocked from using its services for the same reason as Google, but gave a chance for users to appeal. I know the corporate group of is still in panic and I think it will be a long battle for them. For the meantime, enjoy the new site design.