Watch Out iPhone, Google buys Motorola

As the title says, watch out Apple, Google is about to buy Motorola, so all Motorola bases are belong to Google. On a statement released by Google, Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. is being acquired by Google for $12.5 billion as agreed by all the board of directors of both companies. The implications? Well, it is expected to boost Android development and production, directly challenging the mobile market dominated by the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

I believe that this action will try to balance the mobile market, preventing monopoly of iOS in the high-end mobile devices by increasing the competition, thus providing the consumers more choice and providing both companies more innovation on their part. It is a wise decision for Google, especially at this critical time, since Apple and Microsoft are trying to monopolize the patents in mobile computing, therefore weakening Android’s foothold on the market. If this continues, an Open Source platform could never compete with a proprietary one without paying for the extra “standard” features that a mobile device is expected to have.