GoSakto Promo Matrix


Globe Telecom’s GoSakto Promo for prepaid is gaining wide attention from subscribers in which many claim that it is much more powerful than Globe’s postpaid offerings. The idea is that you get to customize and create your own promo that would fit your budget and needs. You can specify the call minutes, number of texts, data limit, the network where your call and SMS will be valid, and even the validity period. There are a lot of combinations in which we can customize our own promo, and often times, the pattern is inconsistent specially regarding the amount of the promo. For example, if you create this promo:

  • Call & Text
  • Call
    • All Networks
    • 100 Minutes
  • Text
    • All Networks
    • 1000 Texts
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Amount = P742.00

What if you want to add 20MB of surfing? Surely, you would expect that you’d pay a lot more, but guess what, if you add 20MB worth of data to the promo above, you would only have to pay P667.00. That’s P75.00 of savings!


Due to this inconsistent nature of computation, I searched the web for the formula used by Globe to set the price for each combination of promo, but sadly, it seems that nobody is interested in knowing on how the amount was computed. So what I did was examine Globe’s GoSakto Facebook App, and see how it generates the amount and keyword of the promo. But as I delve deeper into the app, I found out that the computation wasn’t done in the user’s browser (client-side), instead was done in Globe’s servers (server-side). This is the time where I figured that it will be too hard (but not impossible) to crack down the algorithm that generates the amount to pay for the promo., But luckily, I found out that a certain API REST call can generate the list of the promos stored in Globe’s database. That means, even though I don’t know how to compute the amount, I can just browse through the list of all the promos, better than nothing. And here it is, I collated the list of all the GoSakto promos!

View it here via Google Spreadsheet.