MIYU: A New Guitar Diva to Watch Out For

A new girl will soon be conquering the YouTube bandwidth! Watch out for the début of this promising new guitarist, MIYU, all cute on the outside, rocking hard on the inside. Unlike musicians of her generation, she’s not Taylor Swift nor Miley Cyrus whose knowledge of music spans 5 chords. And yes, you won’t see any of those annoying screaming fan girls around her.

As I was browsing YouTube a couple of weeks ago searching for Takayoshi Ohmura videos, I accidentally stumbled one of her videos doing cover songs, mainly from Western artists. After the tedious process of verifying the guitarist’s gender (yes, videos can be misleading *cough*TissueHime*cough*), which I can safely conclude that she was a girl, I took notice of a promotional video about her début album this coming November 9, 2011.

According to her website (I suck at Japanese, BTW), the album will be titled “World Maker” featuring 6 tracks:

  2. Somebody’s voice
  3. Story
  4. Awakening
  5. End of sorrow
  6. Break out

Interestingly enough, the album credits Takayoshi Ohmura as the Sound Producer and the bassist in the album, which, also according to her website, was her teacher while studying in MI Japan.

I listened to the demo songs featured on her Audio Leaf account, which features 3 out of the 6 songs on the album (without vocals), with KOHAKU, being the de facto carrier single, included in the demos. The songs carry heavy metal riffs, common in Japanese metal songs with feel good lyrics typical of JPop. It’s like having a pop song sung with a metal band.

In my opinion, her guitar skills is not that polished compared to other known guitarists like Takayoshi Ohmura, Syu or even Orianthi. But I can assure you, in terms of guitar prowess, she’s better than the Jonas Brothers combined. Her style is not unique, though a bit refreshing if you get tired of the same old pop songs on the radio. And yeah, I’ve always admired girls who can seriously play the guitar.