Opensked – Inspirado

An original song by Opensked about the passionate desire of writing a song yet the ideas don’t flow as much as you wanted it to. Words and music by bb.

AnoHana (Episode 7): The Real Wish

Rocket Blueprint

I’m also not sure if the title really stands up to its name, but in my opinion, it doesn’t. The episode opened where the previous left off. Anaru left their house and is now staying at the home base. Then we are treated with fanservice so early in the episode! As I’ve mentioned before, I really like tsundere characters, especially when they reveal their soft side. It’s got a nice feeling like having your first crush in school but you don’t want anyone to know, and you try desperately to hide it.

A cliched situation, a tripping and falling down.
Soft skin?
Smooth legs
The beef bowl retreats!

They started reading Menma’s diary, but found out that it’s surprisingly plain and most are just one-sentence entries. But beneath these under-detailed diary entries, they found one that made them remember what they planned to do. They wanted to fly a huge rocket with a letter on it and send it to heaven so that Jinta’s mom could read its content. It’s amazing how they thought it could fly back then when it has tissue roll included in the materials. Then they speculated that Menma’s true wish is to send a letter to heaven through a rocket. For the record, it was an entry that was more than one sentence and it seems that Menma really wants to do it.

Menma's diary, unveiled!


In order to purchase the expensive fireworks, which Jinta’s father’s colleague will assist them, the three of them decided to take part-time jobs. Since the three of them doesn’t go to school, they can work for the whole day. Jinta and Anaru works at the video game store. And unknowingly to everyone, Jinta also got a part-time for a construction job at night with Poppo. Jinta pretends going to school but was going to his job secretly. When Menma figured out what they were up to, she was touched and try to help and support him secretly.

But Yukiatsu and Tsuruko remembered something back in those days that Menma called them up to meet that fateful day and must never tell Jinta about it. It seems that the plot is advancing slowly but surely. Bit by bit, we can see the whole picture on what happened back then.

Later, Jinta’s father’s colleague backed out of the fireworks deal with them since the head of the festival which he works as a pyrotechnic engineer scolded him for trying to teach high school students to use fireworks. It was then revealed that the head was from Menma’s family, the Honmas.

As I’ve said on the first sentence of this post, I’m not sure if the fireworks thing really is Menma’s wish. Yes, it is a bit deep, but still, I don’t find it very substantial for a dead person to linger in this world. The key is why Menma called everyone up except Jinta to meet that day. It surely is an agenda that Jinta must not know of, or it could be a surprise for him. Everyone is still obsessed with her death, but more on Yukiatsu. I bet he can’t get over the fact that he was rejected. I want to see in the next episode Anaru’s body, ehrm, I mean the role of Menma’s mother regarding the fireworks thing. I wonder if she was the one to stop their plans. I’m really hoping that it’s not a psychological thriller ending like School Days has.

AnoHana (Episode 6):Forget, Don’t Forget


This week’s episode reaped the effect of the stupid boy who wanted to take Anaru to a love hotel. Apparently, some PTA member saw the two of them in front of the said hotel. Some people just can’t keep their mouths shut and get other people in trouble. The incident was reported at the school, thus Anaru was the topic of the whole school. Rumors spread like wildfire from Anaru being an “easy girl” to Anaru accepting money for dirty sex in a love hotel. Everybody was talking about her even in class, even her classmates want to try paying her to sleep with her. But it was a good thing that Jinta was there. Yes, he went to school that day. He saved her by his “perfectly-rehearsed” speech. In the end, they ran out of the classroom because of embarrassment.

"Look at me!"


Anaru decided not to go home and plans to sleep over at their former home base. And just to let you know, Poppo is staying there too. She then cleaned the only bed in the home base that’s full of Poppo’s porn collection and liquids including but not limited to sweat and tears. But the thing I like with Poppo is that he’s not the perverted type. Though he seems active in sexual urges, he’s not the one to attack on ladies. Then the three of them, Poppo, Anaru and Jinta decided to visit Menma’s home in order to find out more detail regarding her wish. In the end, Menma’s mother gave them Menma’s diary.

Menma's Diary

At the end of the day after realizing a bit of a parent’s feelings, Anaru decided to go home, at least to tell her mother that she’ll sleep over. At home, Jinta told Menma that they went to her house. She got upset since it will only make her mother suffer by remembering her. Jinta got pissed since Menma never thinks about herself but only for other people. He left the house and went to the homebase. Then we are treated with a bit of fanservice.

Here's a special treat for you, a full view of Anaru's skimpy clothes from this week's episode. Enjoy!

I noticed that on every episode, there seems to be a “sexy” shot of Anaru, whether its wearing skimpy clothes or viewing her in worm’s eye view while wearing a skirt or just even spraying insect spray on her legs. It’s mostly a panning camera motion to feature her body. Nice one!

The story behind Menma’s death is slowly being revealed. Bits and pieces of information is mentioned every episode. This week, Yukiatsu and Tsuruko mentioned that Menma was the one who called them that day to talk about something. And now, I wonder what it is.

Chrome-flavored Angry Birds Javascript Cheats

It’s nearly a week since I’ve played the web version of Angry Birds by Rovio. This version is obviously designed for Google Chrome, although it’s not Chrome-exclusive, browsers that supports HTML5 features like Local Storage, Canvas and WebGL would be able to run the game. I believe that this is a huge leap in terms of web technology. It gives us an excellent full-featured(?) game that doesn’t use third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash, Shockwave or Java applet.

I’ve also seen huge amount of websites that brags about the game was hacked on the day it was released. I wasn’t surprised at all since the data on the Local Storage is readily viewable by anyone especially those who uses Chrome by using its built-in Developer Tools.

The variables saved on the Local Storage using Developer Tools of Google Chrome.

To use these, simply go to the Chrome Angry Birds site at, then type the following javascript codes to the address bar. Anyway, here are some of the cheats that you’ll probably use:

  • Unlock all levels. The most famous cheat. This is the cheat that you will always stumble on the web. Will unlock all the levels including Chrome Dimension.
    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<70;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3’);}[/javascript]


    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<70;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′);}[/javascript]

  • Collect all the chrome balls. What this doesn’t do is unlock the levels in Chrome Dimension. If you want to unlock the levels there, use the cheat above. The problem when using the cheat above is that even if the Chrome Dimension levels are all unlocked, the Chrome balls will still appear on their respective levels. In order to flag them as collected, use the code below.
    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<7;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘chrome_ball_’+i,’collected’);}[/javascript]


    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<7;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘chrome_ball_’+i,’not’);}[/javascript]

  • Change highscore. What this code does is change your highscore to a random number between 50,000 to 100,000. Feel free to modify to suit your bragging rights.
    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<70;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_score_’+i,Math.floor(Math.random()*50000)+50000);}[/javascript]


    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<70;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_score_’+i,0);}[/javascript]

  • Mark Cutscenes as viewed. When this has been enabled, cutscenes will be marked as viewed, thus, you have the power to skip them.
    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<4;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘cutscene_’+i,’shown’);}[/javascript]


    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<4;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘cutscene_’+i,’waiting’);}[/javascript]

  • Mark Tutorials as viewed. When enabled, tutorials (instructions) won’t show up anymore. Use the opposite to show tutorials.
    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<5;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘tutorial’+i,’shown’); }[/javascript]


    [javascript]javascript: for(i=0;i<5;i++) { localStorage.setItem(‘tutorial’+i,’waiting’); }[/javascript]

I’ve written these without checking for typos, so feel free to tell me if you have corrections regarding the codes.

AnoHana (Episode 5): Tunnel

Bukkake scene with Jinta and Yukiatsu femboy!

Femboy Yukiatsu has been discovered to be wearing Menma apparels last episode which was creepier than watching the Saw series. But it was suddenly revealed that Yukiatsu harbor guilt and blames himself for Menma’s death. Three down, two to go! Is it me, or is everyone blaming themselves for the death of Menma. First it was Jinta, he reasoned that if he hadn’t run away that day, she wouldn’t have had the accident. Anaru by the way, blames herself and saying that she would have been alive if she didn’t brought the topic about Jinta liking Menma. This time, according to Yukiatsu, Menma wouldn’t die if he didn’t confess his feelings for her while Menma was chasing Jinta.

Yukiatsu confessing to Menma

Well I hope next week, Poppo won’t blame himself for Menma’s death just because he is small back then.

Anaru's bouncing boobs. You have to watch the episode to fully appreciate it. ;P



This week also hinted something towards Tsuruko when she wore the worn-looking hairclip. It probably was the exact hairclip that Yukiatsu tried to give Menma but instead was thrown away by him. I think it shows two things, either she has feelings for femboy or she’s also imitating Menma, which she repeatedly accuse Anaru of.

This episode also shown Yukiatsu bouncing back after the incidents that happened the day before. I think it was a big sigh of relief for him. He isn’t that snobbish anymore, she even helped Anaru from a guy who wants to sleep with her (the nerve!), although he tried to pick her up, but to no avail. At least we know that he’s not a homosexual, he could be a heterosexual or a bisexual. I think he only said that to try to squeeze out Anaru’s true feelings toward Jinta whom he deeply despise. This episode was a big improvement for Yukiatsu, it’s like travelling in a train all your life in a long, dark tunnel, then suddenly reaching the end and into the light.

An unknown uncool guy forcing Anaru to sleep with her in a hotel

Where the hell are you looking at Poppo?