Nestea TVC – “Insider”

The summer installment of the Nestea TVC series has been finally released. With the usual cast of characters, Nicos, Mattina and family, we got a sneak peak at Mattina’s family and let us know that she has a younger sister named Bettina, played by the rising child star, Jillian Ward. According to Nicos’ insider, Bettina, her sister currently has 3 possible suitors, the English-speaking, the Japanese-Brazilian and the person she met in Boracay. I’m sure you’re not surprised by the number of suitors of Mattina, but what I’m really surprised is Nicos’ self-confidence. I wonder where he’s getting it from? huh?

Looking carefully at the TV commercial, we see a glimpse of their house outside. I’m 80% sure it was the same house all through-out, it just seems that the atmosphere inside and outside are a bit different. The color of the outside shots are relatively brighter and much more vibrant than the shots from the inside of the house which seems a bit gloomier but without (or less) the gloomy feeling.

Quality-wise, the TVC raised the bars higher than the previous ones, but due to the trend that sequels won’t be better than the first, I believe it still doesn’t surpass the quirkiness and the brilliance of the first one. I believe that the series is just riding the popularity set by the debut commercial and would never be better.

Microsoft Finally Initiates IE6 Phase-out

IE6 Data Usage

I’m so glad that Microsoft, the developer of the famed browser, Internet Explorer 6, has finally started a campaign to stop using the said browser. Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 6 Countdown to make people aware that IE6 is an outdated software, thus it’s not reliable anymore. Many websites in the past had been campaigning to stop the use of the browser primarily because of security holes and its infamous Standards incompatibility.

IE6 Data UsageMicrosoft also included some feature comparison between the different versions of Internet Explorer for the users to know. It is quite notable to know that China has the largest share (34.5%) of IE6 users considering its blocking the citizens of major websites worldwide. Next is South Korea in 24.8% which is not surprising since it is one of the countries with most number of internet users in the world. With its current 12% browser usage worldwide, Microsoft aims to decrease it to 1% and encourages users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.

I think that this is a good move for Microsoft since web developers have been protesting and complaining how difficult it is to develop a website while considering the quirky-side of one sole browser.Too bad, IE6 wasn’t a free browser before, so it couldn’t use an auto-version-upgrade feature beforehand, the one like Firefox and Chrome uses, otherwise, this campaign wouldn’t be necessary. Let’s just hope that the newer versions of Internet Explorer could address all the grievances that web developers have suffered for an entire decade.

Takayoshi Ohmura – Never

The demonstration above is from Takayoshi Ohmura playing “Never,” the 6th song from his 2007 album, “Emotions in Motion.” In the demo, he plays only the essential parts of the song removing the song’s vocal parts. Based on what I know, these demo videos are included on some Japanese guitar magazine targeted to consumers who want to learn guitar thru video instructions or video examples with tabs included. Below is the Examples of the licks used in the demo above. Hopefully after watching both videos, we can play the song perfectly.

Visiting World-famous Museums Through Google

Art Project, a new experiment in Google Labs’ backyard, lets us explore through more than a dozen world-famous museums virtually. It’s just Google Earth Street View inside a museum. You can even exit the museum and visit the streets just like a normal Street View. The main feature is that you can click on the paintings in the museums and get a high resolution image of the painting with a good zoom level.

Personally, I don’t see any ground-breaking purpose for Art Project aside from being an extension of Google Earth/Maps Street View. Aside from being a free pass to famous museums, there seem to be no other use for this.