Chapter 3: Sardine Time Space Warp

…then, time seems to go by so slowly…  it seems years, yet only a few seconds has passed since you came into an alien world…

…ever since that time, you are quite confused. As you recall each scene of your life, it seems that everything is now coming to an end…

…or maybe a new beginning?

…as the scenes of your life is flashing on you, you seemed curious on your past….

…the moment when you are happy inside the can…

…when it seems so warm inside, everyone seems to like you…


…something struck your mind….

“…maybe they like me because….    …we’re the only ones there….   …and it was dark, we cannot see the real us….”

….then you start to wonder about the life you were in….

…you start to doubt if the life you once have is a life worth living…

…staring blankly at the slowly moving fork, you realized that your life was full of pretensions…

…because of the false life you’ve lived, you wished that you were never born at all…

…..are these signs that you’re going to die?….

…even if time seems to slowly drift away, you’re still afraid to die, and wished that time would stop, in order to hold your dear life….


wai, antagal kong nawala sa pagpopost ng blog! may16 pa yung last time. pero actually madami akong attempts na magsulat, kaya lang tinatamad akong ipost.

ewan ko ba, parang ang bagal ng oras ngayon, dahil kaya magpapasko na? *hehe* hindi ko alam, ang oras naman ay relative sa bawat tao. hula ko, yung iba sa inyo pakiramdam nila ay sobrang bilis tumakbo ng panahon, kaya pagod na pagod na kayong habulin to…  wag nyo nang habulin, tinetesting lang kayo nyan, hihintayin nya rin kayo, pustahan pa tayo. wag na kayong magmadali, relax lang, sabi nga nila, ang stress nakakatanda.

medyo matagal-tagal na rin bago ako mag-internet, busy ako e (sa panonood ng naruto at paglalaro ng harvest moon). waw, bano na ako ngayon…(oooh, ganito pala itsura ng mouse). wala masyado pangyayari sa aking life kaya medyo mabagal ang pag-usad ng bawat kamay ng orasan, na tila ba naghuhudyat na pag-isipan kong mabuti ang lahat ng aking ninanais.

sa susunod na lang, ala na ako maisulat, puro kabanuan na lang, ja mata ne!

-The Aitenshi Sardine Project

wai, it’s been a long time since i posted on this blog! may16 was the previous. actually, i have had many attempts to post, but was just too lazy.
i don’t know, time seems to slow these days, is it because christmas is near? *hehe* i don’t know, time is relative to each person. i guess, some of you feels that time is moving fast, that’s why you’re tired of chasing it… don’t chase it, you’re just being tested, it’ll wait for you eventually, i bet. don’t rush it,  relax, and as they say, stress will make you older.
it’s also been a while since i surfed the net, i was busy (on watching naruto and playing harvest moon). waw, i’m naive these days (oooh, so this is what a mouse looks like). there’s nothing significant happening in my life right now so the hands of time seems a little slow, which seems like a sign for me to think about things.
until next time, i ran out of things to write, only naivety , see you!