Chapter 2: Sardine Puppets

…now, you are now very helpless.  You cannot do anything at all.  Everyone in the table is looking at you.  All you can do now is wait, wait till the moment arrives, wait till somebody pierce into your body, into your heart.

You are powerless, so sad to admit, you are caught up in this situation in which you have to do their every will.  You have to or else you’ll end up in a trash can.

Then suddenly, an unexpected movement, somebody grabbed the spoon ready to pick you up…

…you are now thinking what to do next…

…will you get the courage you need to fight it…

…or just go with the flow and obey their every command, their will, their wants.

Time is running out… you have to make a decision……..

……but you remembered, you are a sardine, you have a soft backbone….

just a loser dreaming big time in you own personal world……


wai, sabi ng iba kelangan daw pag nagpost ako sa blog, dapat may reflections or explanation ung pinost ko kasi (add adjective here)….

sabi ko na lang ngak, ano to religious planner?!

eniwei, pakiramdam ko lang naman, karamihan sa atin ay mga sardinas, hindi lang natin alam….


eniwei, ang hirap ng lyf ngaun, lalo na bakasyon, utusan lang sa bahay!!! un nga lang nd ako sumusunod (hehehe), sutil akong bata e. bukod sa pagbili ng suka at pag-utang ng VIRGIN cola, ang di ko lang matanggap ay pag sinasabi sa kin na wag magpaiyak ng bata…..   wahahahahaha, sadista ako ngaun week na to, ingat kau!!!! eniwei, hobby ko un, di ko lang sinulat sa profile ko, baka mawalan ako ng frens (peace!).  Pero sa totoo lang, i like children (saka ung process ng paggawa[?] hmmm [joke lang]  {jokes are half-meant}) lalo na ang mga CUTE na babies, sarap kurutin…….

e2 na lang muna nek tym na lang ulit…..


The Aitenshi Sardine Project


Others told me that when i post in my blog, i have to add reflections or explanations of the post because (add adjective here…)
i just replied, what is this a religious planner?!
anyway, i think that most of us are sardines, we just don’t know it yet…
anyway, life is hard these days, especially during vacations, i’m a gofer in the house!!! but that thing is, i don’t follow them (hehehe), i’m a bastard ain’t i? other than buying vinegar and VIRGIN cola, the thing that i cannot accept is when they told me not to may children cry….   wahahaha, i’m a sadist this week, look out for me!!!! anyway, it’s my hobby, i just didn’t wrote it down my profile, my friends would know about it (peace!). but in reality, i like children (and also the process in making them[?] hmmm… [just kidding] {jokes are half-meant}) especially CUTE babies, love to cuddle……
this is all for now, until next time…..