Chapter 1: Where is my head?

….a view of an alien world.  Freakin’ creatures.  “Who the hell are you?”, probably is what you’re going to say.  It’s not very surprising, since you’ve spent the rest of your life inside a can.  No light, no air, no tuna.  Such a restricted world.  If you only knew, you could’ve swim the vast ocean, and not dip in the lukewarm sauce of the world you once knew.  Don’t fool yourself, you’re not swimming, it’s a big lie, you’re just submerged in that tomato sauce of yours.  Damn, you can’t even move a single finger, do you know why? I do, because you don’t have a finger.  You could have at least your head.  It is where your eyes are, so you could be able to see the life in such a vast color. Then, you could never have lurked in the darkness with no purpose on mind whatsoever…….

………… then, you could’ve been proud of yourself…..

…..but then, the wasted moments, maybe it’s not your fault……

-the aitenshi sardine project

Prologue: Sardine-mania

Imagine life in the world, namely “can“.

A world full of boundaries, imagination is limited.  Trapped in a can, what happiness it is to swim in an ocean of tomato sauce.  Laughter echoes across the tin walls, along with three of your friends.  The moment is unforgettable, wishing it would never end.

But suddenly…

…an unexpected twist of fate…..

….someone opened the can.

Everything you knew was temporal….


This time, you explore a larger world than before, you look at the world around you, it’s light blinds you, then you’ll say, “What the f**k is this place?

You get a glimpse of the outside world, a world far from what you used to know……..

-the aitenshi sardines project