Firefly Mobile Inspire Tablet Review

I was asked to do a review of a tablet to be used by a certain office, so I got my hands on a demo unit of a Firefly Mobile Inspire. Unboxing Upon receiving the unit, I immediately inspected what the box has to say for the unit. Nothing much is given, since this is a demo unit, but there seems to be an array of icons which represent some of its features such us HD Movie, Web Browsing, Music Player, Wi-Fi capable, Game and HDMI. Not very informative, but at least it gave me a glimpse of what this … Continue reading

Chitika Relevant Ads (Sarcasm)

Last month, I was searching for Google Adsense alternatives to complement my Adsense earnings and decided to try Chitika. The feature that convinced me to try it is that it pays publishers via PayPal, which Google doesn’t, plus the minimum PayPal payout is $10, which in my opinion is the deal-maker for Chitika. Google’s minimum payout is $100 via check or Western Union, and for small businesses and personal blogs which rarely get decent page views per day, would take years before I can get my first payout. Signing up for Chitika was a breeze, although you have to wait before … Continue reading

The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi: A Short Review

Now that the Blu-ray and DVD versions of The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi has been released, it is worth noting that die-hard fans of the franchise are trying hard to get a copy of the highly anticipated and acclaimed movie either by the authentic and legitimate copy or by pirated rips online. It’s no surprise that the raw from the Blu-ray Disc has been posted online only in mere hours after the release in Japan. I’m currently planning to purchase a copy next year when my finances are not at their all-time low. That is assuming that there are still available copies left … Continue reading