GCash American Express Virtual Card: GCash Levels Up!

I have been using GCash ever since Globe Telecom introduced the service to the public, but never found it too useful at that time. Well, aside from being one of the first services to offer money transfer via mobile (I’m tempted to call it mobile banking but it’s not a bank account), which is cool at that time BTW, there were tons of fees for every transaction, including the transaction fee deducted from your load. But the real strength of GCash was the ability to send money anytime, anywhere, that’s why it was a hit on most Philippine online stores, even … Continue reading

Cherry Mobile Cutie P9

As I was strolling the mall a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a small phone from a Cherry Mobile kiosk. It looked like a cellphone split into two, length-wise. It reminded me of a phone from Samsung years ago, though I don’t know what model it was (Update: some people told me that it was Samsung SCH-U470, though I’m not really sure). The CM phone was a cute one, small indeed, hence the name Cherry Mobile Cutie. It really was a cutie phone about the size of a pocket MP3 player. I was about to ask the attendant on … Continue reading

My List of the 10 Cheapest Android Phones

Though the title may seem a bit generic and too plain for an article, I’ll be focusing on listing the cheapest Android phones in the Philippine market as of this writing and try to sort them subjectively from not so decent to very decent. And take note, I won’t tackle on the generic China phones that we always see on sidewalk bazaars. Sure they’re cheap, but they’re on a class of their own. 10: Cherry Mobile Candy (₱3,699) Android Froyo 2.2 2.8″ Resistive Touch Screen Dual Sim/Dual Standby MediaTek 416Mhz Processor ROM: 256mb / RAM: 128mb Dual Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800 Wi-Fi … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile: The Next Big Thing Comes in Minified Package

Introduction For the seasoned web developer, there’s no denying it, jQuery is one of the best and widely used JavaScript framework aside from ExtJS, Dojo, MooTools and Google Web Toolkit to name a few. According to BuiltWith.com, at the time of this writing, jQuery is the top JavaScript framework used with 44.01% of websites using it. With the Top 1 Million Websites indexed by BuiltWith.com, it is used by approximately 44.82% of internet websites, solidifying its stature as the best JS Framework in the world. And if you are curious, the 2nd most used JavaScript Library used is Facebook for … Continue reading