Nestea TVC – “Insider”

The summer installment of the Nestea TVC series has been finally released. With the usual cast of characters, Nicos, Mattina and family, we got a sneak peak at Mattina’s family and let us know that she has a younger sister named Bettina, played by the rising child star, Jillian Ward. According to Nicos’ insider, Bettina, her sister currently has 3 possible suitors, the English-speaking, the Japanese-Brazilian and the person she met in Boracay. I’m sure you’re not surprised by the number of suitors of Mattina, but what I’m really surprised is Nicos’ self-confidence. I wonder where he’s getting it from? … Continue reading

Nestea TVC: 214

I know that this commercial has been running for weeks now. I actually wanted to post this 8 hours 30 minutes and 2 seconds before Valentine's Day, but I guess I didn't. Seems like Nestea is still on a roll with its new commercial entitled "214." The whole cast still reprised their role on the commercial series, albeit I don't think the sister appeared on the previous commercial. In my opinion, the plot and story is still cool and fresh and can still tickle the funny bones of the new generation, although it lacks the artistic side and "cinematography" of … Continue reading

“TY”: Part Two of Nestea’s TVC “OK”

Due to the earlier TVC OK‘s popularity, it seems that Nestle Nestea decided to follow up its fan-base with a sequel titled as TY. This showed a noticeable drop of content quality than the previous one. Aside from being Christmas-themed, it still uses its old theme of being dumped. This TVC series’ charm still works like magic. I think still many out there can relate with our broken hearted Nicos. A symbol of a common Filipino family, a little teasing here and there, but still happy as a whole. Portraying the religious nature but not overly fanatic.