Replacing CKEditor on the Fly While Enabling Save Button Using jQuery

I was working on a project yesterday when I encountered the need to have DIVs change into text editors upon double-click. It was fairly easy since I was using CKEditor as a rich-text editor and there was an example on the CKEditor website on how to do that. The DIV to be replaced by CKEditor looks like this: While the script on the demo page looks like this: I have to say that the code works well. But the project that I’m doing uses jQuery, so I had to convert the above script to utilize it. Please take note that … Continue reading

Chrome-flavored Angry Birds Javascript Cheats

It’s nearly a week since I’ve played the web version of Angry Birds by Rovio. This version is obviously designed for Google Chrome, although it’s not Chrome-exclusive, browsers that supports HTML5 features like Local Storage, Canvas and WebGL would be able to run the game. I believe that this is a huge leap in terms of web technology. It gives us an excellent full-featured(?) game that doesn’t use third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash, Shockwave or Java applet. I’ve also seen huge amount of websites that brags about the game was hacked on the day it was released. I wasn’t … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile: The Next Big Thing Comes in Minified Package

Introduction For the seasoned web developer, there’s no denying it, jQuery is one of the best and widely used JavaScript framework aside from ExtJS, Dojo, MooTools and Google Web Toolkit to name a few. According to, at the time of this writing, jQuery is the top JavaScript framework used with 44.01% of websites using it. With the Top 1 Million Websites indexed by, it is used by approximately 44.82% of internet websites, solidifying its stature as the best JS Framework in the world. And if you are curious, the 2nd most used JavaScript Library used is Facebook for … Continue reading