Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot Graph

I've got nothing else to do so I figured I'll collect the raw data from the PCSO website and turn it into something a little less interesting than winning the lotto jackpot prize money. The graph below shows the jackpot pattern of Grand Lotto 6/55 from April 19, 2010 up to February 14, 2011. By just looking at it, we can notice that the higher the jackpot prize, the faster the pot increases, as indicated by the steepness of the lines most noticeable at around November 2010 until the jackpot was won on November 29. I know that this graph … Continue reading

Lotto 6/55 Still No Winner! And What Your Real Chances Are?

Reputable sources from Twitter state that there are no winners for todays draw. The jackpot prize for tonight was ₱452,527,096.40 with a number combination of 43-13-29-44-04-20. The trend of the rate of increase seemed to drop from ₱40M to about roughly ₱28M. This may be attributed to the recent victory of the Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao against The Tijuana Tornado, Antonio Margarito. The Filipinos are pre-occupied by their celebration for their champion that their interest in the Grand Lotto were temporarily set aside. But rest assured that because of the recent result of the lottery, everybody will be back again … Continue reading

Grand Lotto Jackpot Raised by ₱40M!

Last Wednesday, I wrote that the jackpot prize of PCSO’s Grand Lotto 6/55 was ₱383,405,234.40 and as I thought, the rate of increase of the jackpot prize will exceed the previous one, but I never thought it will be around ₱40M. When the host announced that the pot money for this draw is ₱423,894,967.20, I heard our neighbors shouting and screaming their hearts out. That was only announcing the prize, now I wonder how they would react if they win the jackpot? Well, if we were to analyze, the exact difference between the jackpot prize of today and last Wednesday … Continue reading

PCSO’s Grand Lotto Jackpot of ₱383M, Still No Winner!

Yesterday’s (November 10) most awaited lottery game, the Grand Lotto 6/55 still yielded no winner. The winning number combination was 04-34-29-35-30-10. The jackpot prize at stake is ₱383,405,234.40, around 30M larger than the prize 2 days ago (₱354,596,432.40). It’s not surprising that the pot increases fast in so little time since everyone is now wanting to win the pot. If it increased so much in only 2 days, I wonder what the jackpot will be on Saturday night?

Chapter 14: Grand Line Trilogy… The Conclusion

….you take a deep breath….. …..your heart is beating so fast…. ….you don’t know how to start it….. ….the battle is not yet started…. …but it seems the battle is within yourself…. ……a battle much more fierce than a war…. ……a battle to be decided by your heart….. ….overcome it…. …that’s the only way…. …..and now….. ….you said to yourself…..

…’s now time………. Continue reading