Chrome-flavored Angry Birds Javascript Cheats

It’s nearly a week since I’ve played the web version of Angry Birds by Rovio. This version is obviously designed for Google Chrome, although it’s not Chrome-exclusive, browsers that supports HTML5 features like Local Storage, Canvas and WebGL would be able to run the game. I believe that this is a huge leap in terms of web technology. It gives us an excellent full-featured(?) game that doesn’t use third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash, Shockwave or Java applet. I’ve also seen huge amount of websites that brags about the game was hacked on the day it was released. I wasn’t … Continue reading

Quake II Engine on HTML5

Three Googlers present to everyone a port of Quake II Engine, but not on consoles but on JavaScript utilizing HTML5. The project officially named Quake II GWT Port, utilizes the latest in web technologies such as WebGL, Canvas API, HTML5 <audio> element, local storage API and WebSockets, making them run in modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), they modified the Jake2 project, an opensource Java version of the Quake II engine and compiled to JavaScript using GWT. […]To make the Jake 2 code work with GWT, we have Created a new WebGL based renderer Ported … Continue reading

Google Chrome Donates Its Tabs for Charity

Yup, you heard me right, Google Chrome donates to charity its tabs and they want us to join them. Google just recently launched its Chrome for a Cause service that will enable Google Chrome users to donate their tabs. From December 15-19, 2010, every tab we open on Chrome allows the Chrome community to donate to selected charities to support five worthy causes depending on the total number of tabs that everyone opened up to $1,000,000. Everyone’s total tabs will determine a charitable donation made on behalf of the Chrome community, up to one million dollars. Here’s what your tabs … Continue reading

Google Chrome Netbook Cr-48 Up For Grabs

After the release of the new Google Nexus S, a smartphone by Google, they are now releasing their new netbook for beta testing for a few lucky, selected individuals. Google is now promoting and testing their new Operating System, the Google Chrome OS. It’s basically a stripped version of Linux with only a Google Chrome Browser left. It’s primary target are users who “live their lives on the web” since the OS cannot do what other competing netbooks can do. It can only execute web apps inside the browser and not native programs like the typical computers that we know. … Continue reading

20 Things The Chrome Developers Want Us To Know

The Google Chrome Team recently released an online guidebook titled, “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web.” This guidebook discusses technical topics about the technology that we use today, the internet, TCP/IP, browser securities and DNS, but in a children’s book fashion. Well, sort of. It explains the what, the hows and the whys of these technologies in a near layman’s term, with examples and analogies in the real world such as “a plug-in is to a browser as a pepperoni is to a pizza”. The illustrations by Christoph Niemann, provides a refreshing approach and breaks the ice when … Continue reading