How Web Browsers Work

I found an interesting read earlier today as I was browsing my Twitter account. As I was feeling geeky today, I checked out a tweet from @ChromiumDev about how browsers work. As a web developer, I am always puzzled about how different browsers render different pages differently, which always makes my work a pain in the @ss. The article is a bit technical, which in my opinion, can only be fully understood if you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related course. Originally researched and written by Tali Garsiel, here’s a link on the detailed and informative article. How … Continue reading

Chrome-flavored Angry Birds Javascript Cheats

It’s nearly a week since I’ve played the web version of Angry Birds by Rovio. This version is obviously designed for Google Chrome, although it’s not Chrome-exclusive, browsers that supports HTML5 features like Local Storage, Canvas and WebGL would be able to run the game. I believe that this is a huge leap in terms of web technology. It gives us an excellent full-featured(?) game that doesn’t use third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash, Shockwave or Java applet. I’ve also seen huge amount of websites that brags about the game was hacked on the day it was released. I wasn’t … Continue reading

20 Things The Chrome Developers Want Us To Know

The Google Chrome Team recently released an online guidebook titled, “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web.” This guidebook discusses technical topics about the technology that we use today, the internet, TCP/IP, browser securities and DNS, but in a children’s book fashion. Well, sort of. It explains the what, the hows and the whys of these technologies in a near layman’s term, with examples and analogies in the real world such as “a plug-in is to a browser as a pepperoni is to a pizza”. The illustrations by┬áChristoph Niemann, provides a refreshing approach and breaks the ice when … Continue reading