AnoHana (Episode 9): Everyone and Menma

Now that everyone accepts Menma has returned and only Jinta can see her, everybody’s fired up to do the fireworks, even though they are all freaked out by this weird and creepy revelation. But we have to admit that Jinta looks stupid when he’s talking to Menma, especially to the eyes of the uninitiated. Crap, I really hate writing summary, so here’s one from Wikipedia: The gang go round to Jinta’s house where witness Menma’s presence first hand, though it is shown that Menma is unable to write anywhere but the secret base. Afterwards, Atsumu says they should continue their … Continue reading

AnoHana (Episode 8): I Wonder

The tension is now escalating as we reach the 8th episode of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. The first part of the episode was a bit creepy one. They went to Menma’s house and they plan to ask her mother to let them do the fireworks for Menma. All of them went including Yukiatsu and Tsuruko. In the end, Menma’s mother acted like a complete psychopath as the five of them reopened the wound on her heart as she remembered her daughter. She was a bit creepy like the ones we see in Japanese … Continue reading

AnoHana (Episode 7): The Real Wish

I’m also not sure if the title really stands up to its name, but in my opinion, it doesn’t. The episode opened where the previous left off. Anaru left their house and is now staying at the home base. Then we are treated with fanservice so early in the episode! As I’ve mentioned before, I really like tsundere characters, especially when they reveal their soft side. It’s got a nice feeling like having your first crush in school but you don’t want anyone to know, and you try desperately to hide it. They started reading Menma’s diary, but found out … Continue reading

AnoHana (Episode 6):Forget, Don’t Forget

This week’s episode reaped the effect of the stupid boy who wanted to take Anaru to a love hotel. Apparently, some PTA member saw the two of them in front of the said hotel. Some people just can’t keep their mouths shut and get other people in trouble. The incident was reported at the school, thus Anaru was the topic of the whole school. Rumors spread like wildfire from Anaru being an “easy girl” to Anaru accepting money for dirty sex in a love hotel. Everybody was talking about her even in class, even her classmates want to try paying … Continue reading

AnoHana (Episode 5): Tunnel

Femboy Yukiatsu has been discovered to be wearing Menma apparels last episode which was creepier than watching the Saw series. But it was suddenly revealed that Yukiatsu harbor guilt and blames himself for Menma’s death. Three down, two to go! Is it me, or is everyone blaming themselves for the death of Menma. First it was Jinta, he reasoned that if he hadn’t run away that day, she wouldn’t have had the accident. Anaru by the way, blames herself and saying that she would have been alive if she didn’t brought the topic about Jinta liking Menma. This time, according … Continue reading