Relief From the Agony of Facebook Blacklisted Domains

Last month, I wrote about how Facebook¬†indiscriminately¬†blocks domains from its blacklist even if majority of its subdomains are legitimate websites and not abusive. I was one of those webmasters who were affected by that seemingly tight policy. Facebook Like Buttons won’t work on those affected sites, even share the URL won’t work. But recently, I found out that my website was somehow lifted from the blacklist. I’m not sure on what happened, but I can now share permalinks from my website to Facebook. I can even put some Like Buttons on my articles and it works! But I think the … Continue reading

The Agony of Facebook Blacklisted Domains

Updated (Dec. 2, 2010): See notes below. It’s not an uncommon practice that websites today especially those who provide online services and APIs block certain domains known to host spams and other malicious contents. This is to prevent further abuse of the system on question and to prevent further spamming using the website’s services. Facebook is no different. ¬†Since the top social-networking website has millions of members with an API freely accessible to almost everyone with just a simple registration, prevention of abuse and spam is a big problem unless certain measures are done. One of the easiest method is … Continue reading