Google+ API Now Released

Developers rejoice! Google has now released the API for Google+!! For the uninitiated, in the simplest term possible, “Google+ is the answer of Google to Facebook.” For years now, developers have developed applications, tools and everything you can think of that utilizes the APIs of the top social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And upon the entry of Google+, developers are craving to incorporate the power and innovation of this new service from Google into their applications. Probably the most requested feature that users, especially marketers, are craving for is to automatically post to Google+ via an API … Continue reading

Check the Weather Worldwide via Google Maps

It’s official, Google has now added Google Maps the functionality to see the weather worldwide. By fetching data from, Google Maps overlay a layer of the current weather condition with cloud coverage and temperature reading. It also shows if the area you are looking at is day or night just by looking at the icon of each place, whether a sun or a moon. By clicking an icon, additional weather information is shown like humidity, wind speed and direction and weather forecast for the next four days. The weather data is shown for the weather stations across the globe. … Continue reading

Information Made More Accessible with Google Related

Google has just released their new browser extension, Google related. This new extension shows you additional interesting and relevant information while browsing the web. In other words, it gives you related information about the web page you are currently viewing, hence the name Google Related. It’s primary purpose is to collate data from all over the web to assist you in information gathering whenever you need it. According to Google: Google Related is a browsing assistant that offers interesting and useful content while you are browsing the web. For instance, if you’re browsing a page about a restaurant in San … Continue reading

Watch Out iPhone, Google buys Motorola

As the title says, watch out Apple, Google is about to buy Motorola, so all Motorola bases are belong to Google. On a statement released by Google, Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. is being acquired by Google for $12.5 billion as agreed by all the board of directors of both companies. The implications? Well, it is expected to boost Android development and production, directly challenging the mobile market dominated by the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). I believe that this action will try to balance the mobile market, preventing monopoly of iOS in the high-end mobile devices by increasing the competition, thus … Continue reading

Fair Use FAQs About YouTube Answered

Fair Use legal experts from the Stanford’s Center for Internet Society (CIS) answers in a video 19 questions from YouTube users regarding fair use and how it applies to their videos on the site. On the video are Anthony Falzone, Executive Director of the Fair Use project, and Julie Ahrens, Associate Director of the Fair Use project giving guidelines on how to distinguish some common copyright and fair use scenarios that can be beneficial to avoid copyright takedowns. The video: The questions that are answered in the video are: I am at an event, restaurant, or other public place and a … Continue reading