Hardcore by Opensked

This is today’s featured song by the band Opensked. Actually, it hasn’t been recorded by the band yet, so the credit is still mine, words, music and arranged by me. This song is a parody of the many “hardcore” songs today. It is simply a hardcore song about a hardcore song. It tries to define on how people perceive hardcore metal and the likes, more likely stereotyping. Although I said hardcore, the song format is arranged in such a manner that it will resemble a pop song. Enjoy.

“I Live For You”

Here is a song that is originally composed by our drummer, tracer. This song is called "I Live For You," a Christian song (the first Christian song if ever it will be included in our lineup) that describes how a hopeless man can be changed and renewed and instill a purpose within him to live for God. This version is arranged and performed by bb with a terrible voice (I'm waiting for tracer for him to record the vocals himself). This video is also on YouTube in case you can't play it. Here is the original version of the song … Continue reading

2 Become 1 [Opensked Practice Cover]

Recently, I wrote about how our bassist added the song 2 Become 1 by Paul Gilbert was added to our playlist on an upcoming gig. We had a few runs and “tried” to cover the song. There were some errors here and there, but I’m sure we’re getting there. The drummer still hasn’t studied the song, but he got the groove going by listening to the song a couple of times. The final guitar solo was terrible, yes I know! Here’s a video of the bastardized version of 2 Become 1.