Sorry for the Long Hiatus

Hi, for those who may be reading some of my posts and wondering why it hasn’t been updated in months, it was because I don’t have a PC/laptop to use anymore. Although I use my mobile devices to surf the net, I just can’t bear to write posts using the keyboard of my Samsung Galaxy Y nor my 7″ Android tablets. I’ll be updating this blog regularly now (again) but probably not as frequent as before. Thanks.

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About Vekou X Aitenshi

Vekou X Aitenshi was born on a Monday afternoon near the end of the year. He’s currently and has always been in the Philippines browsing the internet and playing guitar on a rock band. During his free time, he turns into a computer programmer and nerds the hours away doing absolutely anything from creating Hello World projects to complex systems. Music is his passion, thus he usually sings in the bathroom. He composes songs from a variety of genre, from ballads to blues to alternative rock to hardcore metal.

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