Replacing CKEditor on the Fly While Enabling Save Button Using jQuery

I was working on a project yesterday when I encountered the need to have DIVs change into text editors upon double-click. It was fairly easy since I was using CKEditor as a rich-text editor and there was an example on the CKEditor website on how to do that. The DIV to be replaced by CKEditor looks like this: While the script on the demo page looks like this: I have to say that the code works well. But the project that I’m doing uses jQuery, so I had to convert the above script to utilize it. Please take note that … Continue reading

Google+ API Now Released

Developers rejoice! Google has now released the API for Google+!! For the uninitiated, in the simplest term possible, “Google+ is the answer of Google to Facebook.” For years now, developers have developed applications, tools and everything you can think of that utilizes the APIs of the top social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And upon the entry of Google+, developers are craving to incorporate the power and innovation of this new service from Google into their applications. Probably the most requested feature that users, especially marketers, are craving for is to automatically post to Google+ via an API … Continue reading

Chitika Relevant Ads (Sarcasm)

Last month, I was searching for Google Adsense alternatives to complement my Adsense earnings and decided to try Chitika. The feature that convinced me to try it is that it pays publishers via PayPal, which Google doesn’t, plus the minimum PayPal payout is $10, which in my opinion is the deal-maker for Chitika. Google’s minimum payout is $100 via check or Western Union, and for small businesses and personal blogs which rarely get decent page views per day, would take years before I can get my first payout.┬áSigning up for Chitika was a breeze, although you have to wait before … Continue reading