The True Story of Manny Pacquiao

After Manny Pacquiao's previous fight and before his upcoming fight with Mayweather, he amuses me with what other things he can do aside from boxing. It's been a known fact that Pacman is one of the most sought after product endorser. So, don't be surprised if you will see two or three TVCs in one commercial break while watching a local television channel. As of present, the most noteworthy TVC he's ever made is the Datu Puti Commercial that features the "True Story" of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. It was really amusing and I found it very entertaining compared to the … Continue reading

Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot Graph

I've got nothing else to do so I figured I'll collect the raw data from the PCSO website and turn it into something a little less interesting than winning the lotto jackpot prize money. The graph below shows the jackpot pattern of Grand Lotto 6/55 from April 19, 2010 up to February 14, 2011. By just looking at it, we can notice that the higher the jackpot prize, the faster the pot increases, as indicated by the steepness of the lines most noticeable at around November 2010 until the jackpot was won on November 29. I know that this graph … Continue reading

Nestea TVC: 214

I know that this commercial has been running for weeks now. I actually wanted to post this 8 hours 30 minutes and 2 seconds before Valentine's Day, but I guess I didn't. Seems like Nestea is still on a roll with its new commercial entitled "214." The whole cast still reprised their role on the commercial series, albeit I don't think the sister appeared on the previous commercial. In my opinion, the plot and story is still cool and fresh and can still tickle the funny bones of the new generation, although it lacks the artistic side and "cinematography" of … Continue reading

“Banyuhay” by Jjamppong Band

Recently, I've been digging some files and stuff from my backup folders and found this picture I once took from my old cheap digital camera (rest in peace my beloved camera). It's an iconic landmark for those who have studied at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. The bridge called "Banyuhay" that serves as the connecting link between the Arts Education & Criminology (AEC) Building and the Office of Student Affairs Office. A bridge that has endured countless steps of students and has earned its place in the hearts of the university alumni's hearts. View Larger Map During my stay … Continue reading