“I Live For You”

Here is a song that is originally composed by our drummer, tracer. This song is called "I Live For You," a Christian song (the first Christian song if ever it will be included in our lineup) that describes how a hopeless man can be changed and renewed and instill a purpose within him to live for God. This version is arranged and performed by bb with a terrible voice (I'm waiting for tracer for him to record the vocals himself). This video is also on YouTube in case you can't play it. Here is the original version of the song … Continue reading

Printing on the Cloud with Google Cloud Print

Google has just announced that Google Cloud Print will be rolling out to users starting today. Imagine printing documents or even emails to your home printer using only your mobile phone while on the road. Google Cloud Print has been on beta since it was first announced. A public beta test was even given to the few select people who acquired the Google Netbook Cr-48. As of now, the current limitation is that you must be using a Beta Release (Canary and Dev Builds are also supported) of Google Chrome for Windows. The beta-builds of Chrome must act as a print server … Continue reading

Machete TV Adaptation: I’m Sure Machete Will Marry the Villain in the End!

Once again, GMA 7 presents to us another of their movie-to-TV adaptation, this time it's Machete. The current TV adaptation will star Starstruck's Aljur Abrenica as Machete, previously played by Cesar Montano and Gardo Versoza from the films. I'm not sure if they can pull it off, they seem to have a history of pathetic plots and much more pathetic twists. GMA usually have great and grandoise concepts, but most of the time, the execution of these concepts suck. For example, Grazilda presents a wonderful concept, a story told based on the point of view of Grazilda, the step-sister of … Continue reading

Ophiuchus: The 13th Zodiac Sign.

The Minnesota Planetarium Society added a new zodiac sign to the list of a dozen zodiac sign that is currently on use in astrology. Ophiuchus, the new zodiac sign that is positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius is believed to be the 13th zodiac by the ancient Babylonians and was removed so that the signs would align better on the calendar. And now the said society claims that due to a change in the orbit of the earth caused by the gravitational pull of the moon towards the earth, the Sun doesn't align to the constellations perfectly anymore but has a … Continue reading

Google Fonts: Making the Web Beautiful!

I recently discovered Google Fonts API that allows web developers to embed fonts into their web pages which gives them the freedom to style the page as they want without resulting to rasterized text. It sets us free from the overused default web browser fonts such as Arial, Verdana and Courier fonts. This is quite useful for SEO since your stylized text doesn't need to be a .JPG or .PNG image anymore, but a pure text that can be searchable and indexable by common web crawlers. The API provides a simple way to include a dynamic stylesheet that includes the … Continue reading