Twitter’s Snowflake Migration Problems

It is a general knowledge to most of us that Twitter is one of the most visited website and the most used web service. Millions of tweets are being sent per day coming from different users. In a technical point of view, Twitter’s numerical tweet IDs are incremented in sequence by millions each day resulting in unique IDs to nearly running out. According to Taylor Singletary: Hi Developers, It’s no secret that Twitter is growing exponentially. The tweets keep coming with ever increasing velocity, thanks in large part to your great applications. Twitter has adapted to the increasing number of … Continue reading

The Traditional “Welcome to my Site” Post

I have nothing to do anyway so why don’t we get on with the customary tradition of making the first post as the “Welcome to my Site” post.  I’m not so sure how this so called tradition came about, but I’m guessing it started during the internet boom in the 90’s when everybody who has an internet connection back then wanted to create their own website. I’m sure most of you remember how the old websites look back then.  Just think about Geocities, Tripod and Angelfire. These were the early website hosting providers capable of hosting a few MBs of … Continue reading